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Great American Alpacas

Alpacas Sales List

Females for sale Males for sale
Huacaya Dorthy

Great American Dorothy Gale

DOB: 2/2/2009

Huacaya, Open Proven, Pinto, $2,000


Gandalf the White 

DOB:  10/21/2003

Huacaya, Breeder Proven, White, $750    

Easter Lily

Great American Easter Lily 

DOB: 4/24/2011

Huacaya, Open, White, $4,000



Great American Abigail Adams  

DOB:  1/4/2012

Huacaya, Open  Medium Brown, $3000


Americana Soldier Boy

DOB:  4/26/2004

Huacaya, Breeder Unproven, Light Fawn, $350    


American DayDream Abella 

DOB: 5/24/2007

Huacaya, Open Proven, Dark Brown, $350



DOB:  12/12/2007

Huacaya, Fiber , $450   



Great American Molly Pitcher 

DOB: 3/7/2006

Huacaya, Open Proven, Bay Black, $2,000


Great American Harry S. Truman 

DOB: 2/17/2008

Huacaya, Fiber , Light Fawn, $500    


Great American's Tara

DOB: 1/15/2012

Huacaya, Open, Unproven, White





Madeline's Surprise

DOB:  6/9/2006

Huacaya, Open Proven, True Black, $750

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Orbit K

DOB: 9/4/2004

Huacaya, Fiber Only, Med Brown, $300


Lady Bambi

DOB 11/1/2008

Open, Proven, Light Fawn



Tierra's Katmai

DOB:  10/4/2003

Open, Proven, Bay Black


Black Dove

Black Dove

DOB: 9/14/2005

Huacaya, Fiber, True Black, $300

North Star

Tiffany's North Star KE153

DOB: 11/11/1999

Huacaya, Open Proven, Medium Brown, $250


Great American Darby Ranger 

DOB: 4/8/2009

Huacaya, Unproven, Bay Black, $500

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Betsy Ross

Betsy Ross of Great American

DOB: 4/6/2007

Huacaya, Bred, True Black, $2,000


Great American Wild Bill Cody

DOB: 1/14/2009 

Huacaya, Fiber, Dark Brown, $500

Black Carma

Black Carma

DOB: 9/20/2004

Huacaya, Open Unproven, True Black, $250


Great American Wyatt Earp

Huacaya, Breeder Unproven, $3,500

Ginger Rogers

Ginger Rogers

DOB: 5/11/2008

Huacaya, Open Proven, Medium Brown, $500


Great American Mustang



DOB: 4/2/1999

Huacaya, Open Unproven, Bay Black, $200




CMN Merrylee

DOB: 12/4/2006

Bred, Proven, Medium Silver Grey


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Great American Calamity Jane

DOB:  6/11/2012

Open, Unproven,




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