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Great American Alpacas

AlpacasAlpaca Industry Concerns - Questions and Answers...

"All the websites and professional periodicals are promising riches, riches, riches…… must be a scam"
This was our biggest worry and why we looked into the business for over a year before deciding. We just love the animals, and then decided if we start small, we'll figure out if this will work.

"Can we really make money doing this?"

Obviously, in a herd ranching business, you can sell the animals to other established or potential ranchers. Along with a good breeding program, there could be stud fees and agisting fees for those wishing to board the animals with you. The primary commercial reason we are raising the alpacas is for their luxurious fleece, which has many facets for retail. Lisa and I are already seeing the financial benefits, and realize that for ANY business to succeed you have to invest money, time, and work hard. Alpaca Owner Association have financial models that demonstrate the potential earnings.

"Do I have to be an experienced rancher/farmer to do this?"

Not in our case, at least. We were city dwellers and are learning, acre by acre. It is wise, however, to invest the time in attending lectures and classes offered by many alpaca owners in each area of expertise as well as becoming good friends with your local agricultural extension agent(s) and farm bureau. This allows you to make educated decision on what will work for your farm/ranch, the alpacas and the checkbook! But you don't have to own a stitch of land to own an alpaca. Agisting at an established ranch is done by many people who like the animal and wish to reap the benefits but don't have the area to raise them.

What do I do with the fleece?
Many options are available from "cottage use" to going a co-op. LEARN MORE HERE


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