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Great American Alpacas

AlpacasAbout Us...

Everyone who decides to start raising alpacas has a story to share, and many of the stories are near identical. Our story does not follow most that you'll read about, but fits to more traditional expectations!

No, we did not earn our first million dollars and decide to start raising alpacas, giving up the fast paced corporate lifestyle! In fact we still work full time in our primary professions, and are nowhere close to the million dollars!

After reading a small article about an alpaca rancher in Texas, the calm nature of the animals, the soft fiber they produce, and then the potential tax advantages that may be possible, my wife said "Hey Honey, you've got to read this. This sounds like something we should do." I remind her often of her quote from four years ago as we continue to spend money on this venture! Wait now…. this is sounding as if we regret our decision…. Not for a minute do we regret this!

Lisa and I, in our mid-40s, in professional careers, and never having had children have
always had domestic pets as our "kids". Our love of animals was the first appeal to
the idea, then the idea that we might be able to have some tax advantages
sounded as a nice bonus to us. Our first year in the business, with just one
alpaca, we finally received a refund from Uncle Sam!


2288 Lower Seguin Rd. | Marion, Texas 78124| Ranch visit by appointment only | 830.914.3260 | JBWalton@aol.com

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